Tuesday, February 4, 2014

1513 END - Balcony Repair

Setting up Scaffolding

Removing Ceilings

Setting up Shoring

Roof lifted back to position by 3/4"

Removing Column Dressings

Removing balcony decking

Removing Floor Joists

Removing the rotten headers

Both sides removed

Balcony Removed

Starting to Install Block Columns

Installing Pre-Cast Lintels

Finishing Block Installation

Replacing Damaged Ledger Board

Setting Floor Joists and Columns

Pouring Concrete and Removing Shoring

 The balcony is officially supporting its own weight for the first time since installing shoring

Installing Deck

Water Proofing

Framing Headers

Installing Sheathing and Hardie Backer

Taping Seams

Upper Columns

Installing Lath and Beading

Installing Ceilings

Stucco Installed

Tile Installed