Wednesday, February 13, 2013

346 TM - Repairs

Starting to remove the stucco

Stucco in poor condition -
coming off in large chunks

Chasing out the cracks in the block

Filling in the cracks

Starting to apply stucco base coat

Bonding remainder of the wall

Whole wall has been coated

Starting to texture the wall

Waiting for the wall to dry out

Furniture and carpets removed

Lower section of drywall removed in bedroom

New insulation installed

Drywall going back in

Drywall taped and floated

New drywall textured and primer-ed

Baseboards have been installed

Starting the painting

Carpets have been installed...



... and the furniture replaced

Painting the stucco primer

Painting the final coat


Saturday, February 9, 2013

781 GB - Bath

The old bath tub ...

... removed

New deck in place

New tub installed ...

... and leveled

Starting to tile

Installing the grout

Tile sealed

Testing the installation