Friday, December 7, 2012

610 MFL - Shower Leak

Signs of a problem

Supporting wood is rotten... is the floor

Looking through the floor to the ceiling below

Taking apart the shower

Shower base removed

Water under the shower base

The sub-floor beneath the shower

Water damage extends under the bathroom floor

Breaking apart the floor...

... with bare hands

Section of the removed floor

The sub-floor just crumbling away

Wet insulation behind the shampoo shelf

A rotted out base plate from the bedroom/bathroom wall

Rotted out floor truss beneath above base plate

Mold growth inside the external wall

Second story external wall base plate rotted through


Overview of the shower area

Temporary support whist we replace the base plate

Two new sections of floor trusses

New sub-floor down in the bedroom

Sub-floor down in the shower, building the curb

Shower pan liner installed

Dry-pack going down

Hardie on the bathroom floor

Plumbing restored to shower

Tiling the shower floor

Drywall installed, taped and mudded in bedroom

Installing Hardie walls

Ready for tiling the walls

Downstairs bathroom ceiling installed

Starting on the wall tile

Listello in place

Tiling the floor

Wall restored and primered

Grouting the tile

Tile transition to carpet

Wall painted

Vanity replaced


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

407 HPD - Wash and Trim Paint

Pressure Washing the Pathway and Driveway

Front of Home Washed

Pool Heater - Before and After 

Cleaning the Fascias 

Filling in Cracks in the Trim 

Sealing the Trim 

Starting the Final Paint Coat 

The Finished Look