Tuesday, January 15, 2013

781 GB - Balcony

Covering up the pool

 Taking down the ceilings

Constructing the roof supports

Holding up the roof

Uncovering the rotten balcony headers...

...caused the post to collapse

The other side

Water was trapped inside the balcony

Taking down the structure

Note the bend in the strap:
This indicates the balcony has dropped

The bottom of a removed post

Demolition under way

The end of a floor truss

Demolition finished

Starting to build the columns

Columns at full height

Concrete lintel installed

Floor joists going in

Flooding the lintel and columns with concrete

Two upstairs columns in place

All four columns installed

Shoring Remove -
The balcony is free-standing again

Balcony deck down

Framing the arches

Water-proofing the deck

Installing tile-backer

Ready for tiling

Stucco lath installed

Stucco scratch-coat applied

Final texture applied

Starting the ceiling install

Ceiling installed

Edge trim installed and primed

Painting the ceiling

Tiling the balcony floor

Grouting the tile

Gas line restored

Outdoor kitchen replaced

Upstairs posts painted and floor sealed

Installing the hand rails

Fans installed and working

for now

Applying primer and sealer

Applying the final paint coat

Installing the railings

Installing "Bubble-Pots" and Gutters

Final Views