Friday, July 12, 2013

785 GB - Balcony



Digging out foundations for new walls

Foundations have been poured

Protecting access to rear

Upstairs ceiling removed

One of the posts was not even secured at ground level

Another post not installed correctly

Supporting post off level

Erecting the shoring

Starting demolition

Two posts totally unsupported

Top columns removed

Rotten balcony floor and supports

Part of the header removed

All gone !

Demolition complete

Looking straight up

Starting building the columns

Outer lintels in place

Building the side wall

View of the block-work

Fireplace wall built

Installing the flooring joists

Rebar in place ready for concrete pour

Upper column supports in place

Filling the columns and lintels with concrete

Removing the shoring

New balcony is now free-standing

Cut-outs for power screen channels

Balcony floor laid

Removing the pavers...

...and the steps

power-screen channels installed

Balcony deck dried-in

Building top headers

 Forming for concrete pour

Pouring the steps, lanai floor and side entrance

Building cover for fire place

Constructing upstairs columns

Creating access panels for power-screens

Ready for stucco

Cables installed for TV location

Installing the stucco

Installing the ceiling and fans

Installing the tile

Access panels for power-screens

Testing the fireplace

Primering the new stucco

Final coat of paint

Tile is sealed

Installing the power screens

Testing the power screens

Installing hand rails

Second coat of sealer on ceiling