Wednesday, November 13, 2013

1514 END - Balcony



Taking down the ceilings

Starting on the balcony floor

Rusted drip-edge 

Signs of water penertation

Note the bow in the balcony floor
The upper column is pushing through the floor

Balcony floor so rotted it is coming apart by hand

Shoring in place

A view from the other side of the golf course

Column base rotted

The bow in the metal strap shows how much
the column has dropped from its original position

Rest of the floor removed

Floor joists removed

Rotten side header

The pry-bar has been pushed through
a 6" x 6" support column

Rotten front header

Dismantling front header - by hand

The bottom of a supporting column

The inside of a supporting column

Bottom of supporting column

Same column open for inside view


Building the columns

Concrete lintels installed

Connecting rebar installed

Installing the floor joists

The slope of the floor joists

Temporary decking

Flooding blocks and lintels with concrete

Flashing removed

Shoring removed

Installing the decking

New deck and flashing installed

Installing waterproof membrane

Framing out the columns

Forming the headers

Arches installed

Hardie decking installed

Ready for tile

Installing the ceilings

Starting lath installation

Installing the stucco

Final Pictures