Tuesday, April 2, 2013

7560 ED - Balcony



Opening the balcony deck

Taking down the upper ceiling

Starting construction of the shoring

The building has dropped by almost 4 inches 

Starting the demolition

Rotted-out headers

and rotted posts

Wet area on the balcony floor

First post removed

It was rotted

Main header removed

Demolishing the deck

The whole balcony floor has been removed


Starting the rebuild

Concrete lintels in place

Floor joists have been installed

First second story post in place

All four posts have been installed

Rebar in place ready for concrete

Straps hold floor joists to concrete lintel

Concrete being poured

 All masonry work has been flooded with concrete

Removing the shoring

The whole structure in level and free-standing

Facing the balcony headers with concrete board

Balcony floor has been installed

Flashing nailed and tarred 

Installing Neoprene membrane

Hardie-Backer installed and columns built out

Columns clad in cement board

Installing the ceiling boards

Lath installed ready for stucco

Stucco scratch-coat

Sand-Finish texture on columns

Applying stucco primer

Final coat of paint

Ceiling fans installed and working

Tiling balcony floor

Tile floor grouted

Hand rails re-installed